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Decoding of the general blood test and norm in adults. Reasons for deviations

A complete blood count (KLA) is prescribed for almost any disease. Thanks to the data obtained, the specialist can make an accurate diagnosis. But sometimes, I want to understand what is happening in my own body myself. For the most curious, the article has a transcript of a general blood test. You will also find a table with adult rates. We understand the causes of deviations, why there are indicators of increased or decreased. The main thing is not to worry ahead of time. Different factors influence the parameters, and a number of relationships should be considered.

Blood sampling is taken from a finger (usually anonymous) or a vein. Today, the procedure is carried out using a scarifier, and the measurement is performed by an automatic analyzer. Previously, if it was not possible to take blood from a finger, then they took it from the earlobe. The delivery of the KLA is carried out strictly on an empty stomach. Previously, you can not smoke and drink alcohol. In the evening, you can eat any food, salty or sweet, this will not affect the general blood test. The main condition is not to eat in the morning. Physical activity is also desirable to postpone. Since you should not have breakfast, sports can negatively affect your well-being. Deviations in the indicators will not be critical, but this can complicate the vision of the clinical picture. Even if you are a lover of morning runs, you will have to make an exception for one day.

What a general blood test shows
Some adults wonder why the doctor prescribed the KLA, although there are no special reasons for this. First you need to understand what a general blood test shows. This is a medical analysis, which can be said to reveal the hidden processes in your body. If any system fails, there is an inflammatory process, an allergy, oncology. The advantage of this diagnostic method is that the specialist immediately evaluates a number of important indicators. First of all, they look at hemoglobin, red blood cells, white blood cells, ESR, a color indicator, platelets and blood count. If there is difficulty in making a diagnosis, then the specialist turns to additional indicators of a general blood test. They perform an auxiliary function.

A general blood test shows whether there is an inflammatory process in the body, if so, is it caused by an infection and what. Microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, protozoa), as well as viruses, parasites, etc. fall into that category. An accurate understanding of the problem makes it possible to prescribe an adequate treatment. In addition, a general blood test shows whether an adult has anemia – anemia. If there are suggestions for this diagnosis, then additional tests must be submitted to confirm or refute the diagnosis.

Blood test transcript
To decipher a blood test, you need to know what the abbreviations in English mean. There is nothing complicated, just look at the list below.

HGB – Hemoglobin;
WBC – White blood cells (white blood cells);
RBC – Red blood cells (red blood cells);
HTC – Hematocrit;
MCV – The average volume of red blood cells;
MCH – The average hemoglobin content in the red blood cell;
MCHC – The average concentration of hemoglobin in the red blood cell;
RDW – Red blood cell distribution index;
PLT – Platelets;
MPV – Average platelet volume;
PCT – Thrombocrit.
An additional form is attached to these results. It indicates the blood formula, or as it is also called by doctors “leukocyte blood formula.” This sheet provides more detailed information about the different types of white blood cells. Their main task is to protect the body from various “enemies”, both external and internal. When decoding this blood test, it should be borne in mind that the indicators are presented in 2 dimensions:
(abs.) – absolute – display the number of cells that have come into view.
(%) – relative – the number of cells in the total number of leukocytes.
It is wrong to think that this is one and the same. In fact, in “abs.” Indicators may be normal, and it would seem that there is nothing suspicious. But against the background of a general decrease in all types of white blood cells, the “%” number can be significantly higher than normal. Therefore, experts take into account both measurement parameters.

Decoding of a blood test
NEU – Neutrophils;
LYMP – Lymphocytes;
MONO – Monocytes;
EO – Eosinophils;
Baso – Basophils.
Now that you know how the abbreviations for blood analysis are deciphered, then you can move on to their indicators. With the help of them, you can find out if everything is in order, and if there are deviations, then for what reasons.

Blood test: normal
Larisa Sviridova – paramedic, provided a table of indicators of the norm of blood analysis. You can save it, because it will come in handy more than once.

The norm in women The norm in men
Hemoglobin – depends on age and gender 120-145 g / l 132-164 g / l.
White blood cells 4-9×109
Red blood cells 3-7 – 4-7×1012 4-5×1012
Color indicator 0.85-1.05
ESR 3-15 mm / h 2-10 mm / h
Platelet count

Next, go to the standards of the blood formula:

Band neutrophils 1-6;
Neutrophils segmented 47-72;
Eosinophils – 1-5;
Basophils – 0.1;
Lymphocytes – 19-3;
Monocytes 3-11;

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