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Estrogens. Why can the “most female” hormones be raised or lowered?

Estrogens are the most female hormones, although men also have them. In fact, this is not one hormone, but the collective name of sex hormones that are similar in characteristics. First of all, speaking about estrogens, a three is distinguished: estradiol, estriol and estrone. They are produced by the ovaries (testicles in men), adrenal glands, adipose tissue, skin and other tissues. Interestingly, in order to get a “female” estrogen, you need a male hormone – testosterone. This “conversion” is possible due to the work of the aromatase enzyme. To make it easier to imagine how this happens, then imagine the route of the hormonal “train”. It starts moving from the testosterone station, moving to the next estrone, then estradiol, and the final stop is estriol.

An elegant and charming estrogenic Eva is created from the testosterone rib of Adam.

Female hormones

So, get to know better with female hormones.

Estradiol is the main and most powerful female sex hormone. It is associated with the maturation of the reproductive system, sexual behavior (production of pheromones), as well as sexual forms of the body.
Estron is weaker than the first female hormone. When a woman is reproductive, then his level is low. But after menopause, the level increases, as its adrenal glands produce. Estron has almost the same properties as active estradiol, but its activity is 4-5 times weaker.
Estriol is the weakest estrogen, but is of particular importance during pregnancy. The fetal placenta and the baby itself produce a high amount of estriol. Its function is to increase the flow of blood through the vessels of the uterus. In addition, it promotes the development of ducts of the mammary glands.
Effects of female hormones:

thanks to estrogens, female sexual characteristics develop in adolescence,
sexual behavior is activated,
the level of serotonin rises, which means a person has high spirits,
as the brain captures more serotonin, appetite decreases,
female hormones increase the acidity of the vagina. It increases the bactericidal protective properties,
responsible for the production of vaginal lubrication,
form and control the menstrual cycle,
responsible for the development of the egg, fallopian tubes, uterus during pregnancy,
make the protective mucous layer of the uterus softer. Consequently, sperm penetrate the uterus more easily,
fatty tissue is formed according to the female type, respectively, and the figure becomes feminine,
blood flow in the uterus increases, the growth of the endometrium is stimulated,
bone tissue becomes stronger, bone skeleton develops faster,
allow you to retain sodium and water in the body,
reduce cholesterol
increase blood coagulation
cells become more sensitive to insulin,
female hormones slow the growth of girls in their teens,
the hair on the head becomes strong
the voice gets high
reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands, respectively, less risk of acne problems,
thanks to female hormones, the skin is smooth and supple,
estrogens maintain normal body temperature,
produce binding proteins in the liver,
increase cortisol production
estrogens develop alveoli in the lungs,
improve memory performance
perform an anti-inflammatory role and support the activity of neutrophils.
By the way, you could observe the phenomenon of “estrogenic young lady” in the film Malena. The main role was played by Monica Bellucci, perhaps you remember the moment she walks on the street, and all eyes are riveted to her.

Estrogen: signs of increased and decreased levels
There are a set of symptoms by which you can determine that estrogen is elevated or decreased. Often, this helps to understand what is the cause of certain problems. For example, migraines, hair loss, weight began to increase sharply, libido decreased. In the picture below, you can see the signs of increased and decreased estrogen in women. If you observe a number of symptoms in yourself, then perhaps the reason is just a violation of estrogen levels. Contact a specialist to specify the problem.

Estradiol. The reasons for the increased and decreased rate
As we found out, estradiol is the most active female hormone. If its indicators are reduced or increased, then unpleasant symptoms are observed. We will understand the reasons for the imbalance. It is possible to restore normal balance, but if the root cause is not excluded, then there will be no effect.

Causes of estradiol decline:
Powerful physical exertion, power sports, exhausting workouts;
Anorexia, starvation, strict diets, the exclusion of fats from the menu;
Failures in the hypothalamic-pituitary system (central regulation);
Ovarian exhaustion. The reasons may be different: genetic mutations, intoxication, inflammatory / autoimmune processes;
Shereshevsky-Turner Syndrome (45 XO);
Chronic renal failure;
Perimenopause or menopause;
Hypofunction of the thyroid gland. These include: AIT, resection, removal, etc .;
Chronic stress, which leads to exhaustion of the adrenal glands;
Statin treatment;

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