Pelvic Presentation: Flipping Techniques
My name is Anna Batrak, I am a perinatal psychologist, an experienced instructor in exercise therapy for pregnant women with a patent for changing the position of the fetus in…

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Pelvic Presentation: Flipping Techniques
My name is Anna Batrak, I am a perinatal psychologist, an experienced instructor in exercise therapy for pregnant women with a patent for changing the position of the fetus in…

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Blood test for vitamin D. Table with the norms of indicators in women

Have you ever heard recommendations from a doctor to get tested for vitamin D? After all, its effect on the body is difficult to overestimate. Almost every person takes a general blood or urine test once a year to determine the presence of a disease. Tests for the content of a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals in the body, in particular an analysis for vitamin D, are not “popular”. And completely in vain.

Most often, people who:

Lead not too active way of life;
Few play sports;
Rarely are in the fresh air;
Smoke or abuse alcohol;
Defectively eat.
The point of nutrition includes both the desire to limit oneself in food, and excessive consumption of food. The absence of micronutrients in the body manifests itself in hair loss, brittle nails, dry skin, depressed mood, and chronic fatigue.

The most important examinations are for people at risk:

residents of disadvantaged regions;
aged people;
pregnant and lactating women.
The Importance of Pregnancy Vitamin and Trace Analysis

Women who are preparing to become mothers should undergo all tests for vitamins and minerals before pregnancy. Pregnancy, even without complications, is stress for the body. Therefore, even during the first trimester, many girls begin to drink multivitamin complexes.

At the same time, experts advise not to resort to self-selection of drugs. It is necessary to consult a doctor, undergo an examination in order to understand which micronutrients are missing. The chaotic consumption of biologically active additives and complexes of minerals does not help, and even harms the body. After all, some of them can not be taken at the same time.

Nutrition of the expectant mother has a direct impact on the health of the baby. Pregnant and lactating women are more in need of replenishment of nutrients.

Timely delivery of tests for vitamins and minerals will help maintain the well-being of the mother and the health of the unborn baby.

How to take tests for vitamins?
When passing tests, it is necessary to take into account a number of conditions. Firstly, blood is given for examination on an empty stomach and preferably in the morning. In this case, it can be guaranteed that the concentration of substances will be quite high and without any kind of impurities.

Secondly, in addition to blood, some laboratories also take hair for examination. Previously, it will be necessary to come to the clinic and find out in more detail what requirements for the collection of material put forward by experts.

Determining the amount of vitamins in the blood in a private clinic can take a day, at the same time, analysis for trace elements will require much more time – up to 6-7 days.

The human body contains 13 fat and water soluble vitamins and 16 trace elements. Let’s talk more about vitamin D, since its presence or lack has a strong effect on the whole body, especially for pregnant or lactating women.

Vitamin D: tests and norm indicators in women

In the last decade, people began to pay attention to the regular delivery of tests for vitamin D and maintaining its optimal level in the body. This is due to the function that this fat-soluble substance has on all systems: cardiovascular, nervous, skeleton. In the table below, you can see the norms of vitamin D in women by age.

Woman’s Age Norm Vitamin D
(25 – hydroxycalciferol) in blood plasma ng / ml (in nanograms per milliliter)
0-12 months 15-18
from 1 year to 3 years 17-20
3-15 years old 19-40
15 years and over 20-50
during pregnancy 30-50
It is vitamin D that promotes the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, as well as magnesium, but in smaller quantities. From here, all the influence of the trace element follows:

Maintaining elasticity and strength of bones;
Increased immunity;
Prevention of thyroid dysfunction;
Digestive system regulation;
The assimilation of nutrients and their distribution in the body;
Oncology prevention;
The fight against complete vitamin deficiency, lethargy and depressed mood;
During pregnancy, analysis of vitamin D and monitoring its level can prevent some serious congenital diseases and abnormalities in the baby:

delayed physical development;
pathology in the musculoskeletal system;
in a baby, the fontanel may not overgrow for a long time.
Also during breastfeeding, the only source of vitamin for the baby is mother’s milk. Therefore, during this period, the consumption of products containing a large dose of trace elements is necessary.

However, you should remember about the reverse side – excessive intake of vitamin unnecessarily. Such zeal can lead to the appearance in a baby ofin convulsions and anorexia.

It is recommended to undergo an examination, and only then, together with the doctor, make a decision on the adoption of any drugs. Analysis for vitamin D does not require special preparation. For rent on an empty stomach with restrictions on food during the day.


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