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The benefits of fish oil. Why is it worth giving to children?

About 10-20 years ago, every second child took fish oil. “Feeding” is a tool, because it is useful, you can call it a special tradition. But now the new generation has refused to use the “goodies.” And, it would seem, almost no one is interested in the benefits of consuming fish oil, until the researchers decided to recall this, calling for the presence of capsules in the diet of children.

And if you look into the distant past, such a storehouse of vitamins was mandatory for admission to every child care facility. And even now, you probably frowned, remembering this specific smell and taste. However, one should not just put them in a distant drawer due to an unpleasant sensation from the “capsules”. After all, the benefits of fish oil are huge and affect the baby’s health.

Useful or not, that’s the question!
Of course! And all the grandmothers and mother’s tales in childhood were not in vain. If you recall that in this unique product there are polyunsaturated essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, palmitic and oleic acids, vitamins (A, E and D) that are capable of fat dissolving, iodine, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, selenium , manganese, bromine and more.

Children’s doctors and nutritionists agreed with the studies and recommend that the substances that are contained in “fish capsules” are necessary for the children’s body. Moreover, such a complex is not found in any vitamins. The lack of these “utilities” negatively affects the growth of the child and its development.

It is not worth denying that well-organized nutrition can also make up for all the listed substances, which means that there are at least two meals a week in the diet – fish (fatty varieties). And here problems arise: fish is an expensive product, the baby categorically turns its nose away from it, the quality of fish in the nearest stores does not correspond to the quality that should be. Moreover, researchers are intimidated by the fact that harmful substances, metals and, even worse, helminths can accumulate in fish dishes without maximum processing.

And not all products from rivers and seas contain such a list of useful substances. So the benefits of consuming fish oil will come in handy.

Why are these nutrients so necessary?
Improves brain activity
Indeed it is! After all, it contains a large amount of Omega-3 and Omega-6. Such components not only have a good effect on the blood supply to the brain and its work, but also on the blood vessels and metabolic processes. Such actions of the components uniquely develop the mind of the child, contribute to the development of memory and increase intellectual activity.

Soothes and relieves stress
Scientists from the United Kingdom conducted studies that showed that the use of “fish capsules” perfectly affects children with hyperactivity, even better than taking special drugs. Children become more assiduous, in situations of stress they quickly calm down and are less likely to get nervous. In this case, side effects are not observed, in contrast to tranquilizers and sedatives of strong action.

Prevents Depression
If a baby is subject to frequent emotional and physical stress, he can get acquainted with such a terrible condition that adults do not always cope smoothly, and this is a child.

The benefit of consuming fish oil also lies in the fact that it produces the hormone of happiness (serotonin). The crumbs immediately improve their mood, which means that depression is no longer available.

Boosting the immune system
Immunity is strengthened with the help of fatty acids, which are present in both fish and capsules. This positively affects the rapid recovery from illness, and the remedy can also be used as a preventative measure for allergies and asthma. This effect is due to an increase in the production of fat-like substances (prostaglandins).

Vision improvement
The organ of vision is one of the most important, and in childhood it is easy to spoil it, especially with the way the gadgets attack the world. Yes, the absence of daily walks, overload at school or kindergarten also affects the eyes. And fish oil contains vitamin A, which, as you know, strengthens the optic nerve and muscle work of the eyes.

In any case, the choice “for or against” this substance is up to you. Watch your child’s reaction, some crumbs even like to gnaw a capsule, even if they frown after a “nasty” taste.

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