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The child smokes: what to do to parents

What to do if a child smokes? Parents find it difficult to transfer such news. After all, adults understand how much the habit harms the body. I want the child to grow strong and healthy. Than to panic, it is better to immediately begin to act. As a rule, adolescents are prone to addiction. It is at this age that the child tries to prove himself and begins to violate the prohibitions of his parents. So, the child smokes what to do mom and dad.

Why do children smoke

There are many reasons why children start smoking. It is important to understand your child. If you find out the reason, it will be easier to cope with addiction.

The most common reasons why children smoke:

Trying to seem older;
like young children, teens continue to copy adults. If his role model smokes, then probably the child will reproduce this detail;
a way to “join” in a cool company, get closer to idols;
the child does not realize what damage to health is caused by smoking;
he does not believe that cigarettes develop addiction;
teenage problems and trying to get away from them. A child can choose not only alcohol for this purpose, but also smoking. After all, there is a myth that cigarettes relax and help get rid of bad thoughts;
attempt to violate prohibitions;
I decided to just try, for the sake of experiment. Seeing that nothing bad had happened, continued on;
prove yourself and be individual;
self-doubt. Therefore, it is easiest to provoke such friends and “take on weakly.”
How to find out if a child smokes
Suspected a child of smoking, but not sure completely? Or maybe you know that in his company almost everyone smokes and worries? There are several ways to find out if a child smokes:

Persistent smell from hair, which can mask perfumes.
Tobacco smell is absorbed into the right hand, especially in the fingers. If the child is left-handed, then the sign will accordingly be on the left palm. Some children cunning and shift the cigarette into the other hand, which he is not used to using.
The smell of clothing, more persistent in the chest and sleeve.
Find lighters or packs of cigarettes.
There are pieces of tobacco in pockets or bags.
When a child loses his temper, he immediately tries to leave home. But this is not the final reason to consider a teenager smoking. Perhaps this is really a way to “ventilate” thoughts.
In the mouth after walking constantly chewing gum or flavored sweets.
How to know for sure whether a child smokes? Several points must match at once. Clothes may be impregnated due to smoking friends, then your claims will be unfair. But be sure to say that secondhand smoke is also dangerous. It is also harmful to the skin, lungs, and respiratory tract. Oxygen comes in scanty amounts, which means that it affects the brain, the activity of internal organs.

The child smokes: what to do

Despite the measures of smoking prevention and active promotion of healthy lifestyles in schools, adolescents still take cigarettes in their hands. Parents think what to do, because it is their child who smokes. His future is not indifferent to them. Turn off emotions first. It is they who in most cases exacerbate the situation. Because of the emotions, it is difficult for mom and dad to restrain themselves and not go to a cry. We start screaming because it seems that the child cannot hear us. But the teenager does not understand that adults do this out of love. A man does not like screaming at his address, the brain blocks it. I want to do something contrary, to oppose what has been said.

Rules for parents. You have learned that a child smokes, what should not be done:

stop giving pocket money. You need to voice the problem and talk. Financial constraints do not produce the desired results. A teenager may get into debt that you may not be aware of;
try to get a whole pack to be smoked at once. This method is dangerous, because the child is poisoned by resins and a high concentration of nicotine. This increases pressure, the maximum load on the lungs, dries the mucous membrane of the oropharynx. This will disgust only for the first time. Some adults, after having “gone over” alcohol, also swear the next day that they will never drink. But usually it is forgotten after a while;
compare with peers and specific personalities;
set ultimatums or introduce bans. “If you smoke, you won’t play, go for a walk, I’ll take a smartphone, no Internet” – they have no effect. Also, you cannot offer a reward for breaking the habit. For example, quit – we’ll buy a new prefix. In this case, the teenager can start smoking again when he wants a new phone model or expensive sneakers;
to get other problems and mistakes of the teenager into the conversation, for example, poor performance at school;
blaming other people for smoking. The child must feel responsible for the misconduct. If you say that your grandfather or father set a bad example, then the teenager perceives this as an excuse. Such topics are best discussed in private with an adult.

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