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Female pelvis. Problems to be Solved

The body of a woman is unique by nature, take only the system of bearing and giving birth to a baby. But unfortunately, this feature can lead to body problems relating exclusively to the female sex.

Some diseases can be cured without serious intervention, while others require extraordinary methods. Not all “unpleasant moments” can be corrected by classical medicine. Osteopathy is a rather unusual direction for many. Due to the fact that it does not use pills, injections. Osteopathic tools – hands. We identify those problems that are usually not immediately noticeable, and fix them.

Consider the female pelvis and its work in general
The female pelvis is the whole system in which there are: all the internal genital organs, the rectum, the bladder and the tissues that surround them. It is the pelvis that forms the birth canal through which the baby will advance during childbirth. Therefore, his condition and development are very important for a woman, both in a normal state and when waiting for a baby.

Due to the implementation of a huge number of functions and the influence of hormones, there are risks of developing some problems. So often from women I hear complaints of pain before menstruation, as well as during it. This applies to circulatory disorders in the pelvic organs. In addition, due to such a deviation, various pains can occur (in the lower back, sacrum, tailbone), this also leads to expansion of veins (varicose veins), dizziness, headaches and unpleasant sensations in the thoracic region.

It is very important to relax the ligamentous apparatus of the uterus as much as possible. Those. give the body the opportunity to be mobile, to function without problems. This method, by the way, is often used to treat infertility, if the problem was laid in the pelvic organs.

Problems of the female pelvis cannot be ignored
In principle, I can name a lot of problems that arise in the organs of the female pelvis. For example, vaginitis, cystitis. These diseases are very dangerous, they often turn into a chronic form. That means treating them is quite difficult. Some cannot be dealt with for many years. The disease can recede, but these are the very abnormalities of the body that can return due to another cold, nervous strain, stress.

In order to prevent the disease from “visiting” the woman again, it is immediately necessary to cope with the exacerbation of chronic inflammation. Those. not just remove the symptoms, but help the organs, give the body a direction to get rid of the problem. This allows the body to get the necessary strength to cope with the disease on its own.

Pelvic recovery after childbirth
Another important point in working with problems of the pelvic organs is the restoration of blood supply and mobility. It also affects the body as a whole. And this is the goal of osteopathy. Timely treatment will help to determine in advance the focus of deviations in the work of the female pelvis. This is especially true of the postpartum period, when girls need to monitor their body and restore it soon. It is for those who have recently given birth that hemorrhoids, back pain, prolapse of internal organs, arthrosis and other diseases can become an “unpleasant surprise”.

These problems can occur immediately after childbirth, but can also take time:

Pain in the tailbone and sacroiliac joint. The cause of pain is sprain when a woman gives birth. The fetus passes through the pelvis and, accordingly, the joints are subjected to a heavy load, which is why damage appears. After the new mother begins to carry the baby in her arms, this exacerbates the condition of the coccyx.
Unpleasant sensations in the pubic symphysis. If the sensations cause unthinkable discomfort, there is a chance of changes in the biomechanics of the pelvis. Consequently, abdominal muscles are weakened and spasms begin to bother.
Backache. This is a classic because the mother wears a weight. The bones of her pelvis begin to shift, and the gluteal muscles weaken.
The neck and shoulder begin to hurt, and headaches appear. The reason is incorrect posture during breastfeeding, an uncomfortable posture during sleep.
Pinched sciatic nerve. A very unpleasant symptom. It occurs due to the altered position of the sacrum. In addition, other organs begin to suffer from this.
The mobility of organs is impaired, it is very important to correct the diaphragm in time, otherwise it will lead to reflex muscle weakness, diastasis may develop.
Treatment with osteopathy in all these problems is very appropriate, since craniosacral, visceral therapy methods are used, as well as work with bodily and emotional release. Stress relieves, which often worries women.

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