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Vitamin D. Everything You Wanted to Know About the Sun Vitamin

Vitamin D – a fighter for women’s beauty and health. Not all women think that increased tooth sensitivity, hair loss, and many other problems are caused by a deficiency of a substance such as vitamin D. If you are familiar with such symptoms, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our material that will help to fully clarify and correct the situation.

Vitamin D. What role does it play?

Substances belonging to this group perform a number of functions that are significant for the body:

contribute to the normalization of the exchange of phosphorus, as well as calcium;
carry out the movement of calcium in the bone from the blood;
increase immune forces;
promote absorption in the intestine of phosphorus, as well as calcium;
take part in the synthesis of hormones.
Deficiency: rate below 50 ng / ml. At the same time, Ca, Mg, zinc and a number of other trace elements from food and additives will be very poorly absorbed. The lower the level of vitamin D, the higher the risk of autoimmune and cancer, depression, infections. The probability of gaining excess weight is growing.
Norm: 50-120 ng / ml. Better not less than 70. Therapeutic dosage for a lack of vitamin D is selected only by your attending physician, taking into account the general state of health and the presence of other health problems. When correcting vitamin D levels, repeat tests every 2-3 months.

Types of Vitamin D
Differentiation of calciferols is carried out into several types, namely:
– cholecalciferol (designated as D3);
– ergocalciferol (known as D2, D4);
– D5 or sitocalciferol;
– D6 (referred to as stigma-calciferol).
The main difference between these species are the functions that they perform. The main role in the normalization and subsequent maintenance of the vital functions of the female body is played by D3, as well as D2. Scientists have failed to prove how significant the other species are.

Why is “sunny” vitamin especially important for women?

The level of consumption of nutrients in the beautiful half of humanity is much higher compared to men. This is due to:

excessive loads exerted on the body by the menstrual cycle;
the birth of children;
At different times in their lives, women face their own problems, which worsen their health and also affect development. Vitamin D is one of the most important substances that are necessary for the female body. This substance has significant benefits, because in addition to the main advantages, it also acts as a hormone. Its formation in the human body is carried out mainly due to UV rays. If we consider the most important substances, then, as mentioned, they include:

cholcalciferol (found in animal products);
ergocalciferol. In this case, vitamin D comes from plant foods. It is converted into a useful substance only after ingestion and under the influence of UV rays.
Components belonging to group D are necessary for the female body, because:

these substances have a positive effect on the condition of the skin, hair and nails, as well as the vital activity of the body;
help strengthen bones;
normalize metabolism;
are hormones that can regulate carbohydrate metabolism. Thanks to them, you can produce weight control.
It is possible to normalize important processes in the body, provided that the dosage of consumption of important vitamin D is observed. The daily norm of calciferol should be 5 micrograms. If we take into account the fact that cholecalciferol enters the body with food, and sunlight contributes to the production of ergocalciferol, then people living in the northern part of the state should consume about 10 micrograms.

The same dosage should be taken by women who rarely go outside for various reasons, live in negative environmental conditions, or lead a predominantly nocturnal lifestyle. Nursing women, or those in the position of the fairer sex, are also required to consume up to 10 micrograms of vitamin per day. This will ensure the full development of the fetus, and avoid the appearance of such a pathology as rickets.

Vitamin D Guidelines

Before you start using, you should undergo a survey, and determine the level of this vitamin in the body. Analyzes should be about 2 to 3 times a month. If studies show an acute shortage of substance, then you must adhere to the doctor’s recommendations, since in this case the dosage is determined taking into account various factors, including the age category of the woman.

In addition, when taking vitamin D, it is important to observe the following rules:

You should not use calcium in parallel.
If a substance is used in liquid form (drops), then they should be added to a small volume of liquid.
Tablets should preferably be taken with meals.
It is possible to use the substance as a prophylaxis of a deficiency.
For what reasons is the body deficient in vitamin?
The following features can cause a lack of calciferol:

improper nutrition (diet is not diverse);
rare outdoor activities

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