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Headache during pregnancy: features, causes and treatment

Women who have a baby regularly suffer from migraines. Headaches often occur in the first three months of an “interesting” situation, and continue to bother until the baby is born.

Features of a headache during pregnancy

Often migraine attacks are accompanied by vomiting, indigestion, vision problems, nausea, dizziness, and other negative sensations. In many women, pain symptoms spread throughout the upper body. Often it breaks the back of the head, frontal parts of the head “tear” or crush whiskey.

Headache during pregnancy may not be associated with any pathology. In such cases, this is simply a reaction of the body to changes that occur with a woman. Hormonal “explosions”, toxicosis, lack of nutrients and vitamins and many other causes can trigger pain.

But sometimes migraines are the result or symptoms of a particular disease. Consider the reasons why these negative feelings appear.

Causes of Pregnant Headaches
Most often, migraines in women in position are a neurological pathology. They occur due to problems with the vessels of the brain, changes in the internal processes of the body, in particular, problems in the production of such a biologically active component as serotonin.

They are characterized by powerful pulsating pain in certain areas of the head. Sometimes they are preceded by “flashes” or “flies” that occur before the eyes.

The development of migraine can provoke:
eating food that affects vascular tone.
These are products with nitrogen elements in their composition that can affect their condition. Usually they have components such as phenylamine or tyramine. It can be chocolate, red wine, cheese and a variety of citruses;

climate change. For example, the weather has changed dramatically – from warm sunny to cloudy and cold;
various stressful situations, experiences, etc .;
lack of sleep and other conditions leading to physical fatigue;
irritants. These include strong or annoying noise, flickering light, sharp unpleasant odors and other similar phenomena.
Also, headache in pregnant women can be caused by overstrain of the cervical muscles or a long stay in an uncomfortable position. Usually it starts from the back of the head, and spreads to other areas.

Other causes of pain during pregnancy:

Low blood pressure is often the cause of pain in the head. They are especially pronounced in the 1st trimester of gestation, if early toxicosis begins to develop;

Increased blood pressure is a symptom of gestosis. This is late toxicosis, considered a serious disease in women in the situation. It is characterized by edema and a manifestation in the urinary excretion of protein.

Also, headaches can occur in “heavy” women, if they are one of the symptoms of serious pathologies, which include sinusitis, meningitis, glaucoma, hematoma in the brain, etc. As a rule, they are severe. If such pain occurs, it is necessary to consult and undergo a medical examination.

How is headache treated during pregnancy?

The use of conventional drugs in such situations is not always acceptable. Many drugs that can relieve migraines have a negative effect on the body during pregnancy and the condition of the fetus.

For example, Aspirin and other drugs that are its derivatives can stimulate abnormal development of the fetus. In particular, on the formation of the lower jaw and cardiac muscle. Especially if they are used in the 1st trimester of pregnancy.

Taking Aspirin in the later stages increases the risk of bleeding during childbirth.

Spazmalgin, and other medicines that include Analgin, have high toxicity. They can lead to pathological changes in the bloodstream. Therefore, you can not use them during pregnancy.

Help with pain can:

Gentle massaging of the temples, neck, neck, shoulders and frontal lobes can cause significant relief, relax and soothe a woman. And if it is carried out by a professional, then migraine can be completely eliminated;

cold and hot shower
It constricts blood vessels. This is an ideal way to get rid of pain for hypertensive patients.

compresses on the forehead
They can significantly alleviate the condition.

Mint or chamomile drink works well. They are brewed and drunk like tea. Also, if a woman has low blood pressure, you can relieve headaches with sweet and strong tea.

Sometimes doctors, in especially difficult cases, recommend taking Panadol or Efferalgan. They are relatively harmless, and do not form an addictive effect. Panadol Extra, which contains caffeine, can be consumed with low blood pressure.

Headaches during pregnancy. When do I need to see a doctor?
If a woman is in position:

the head hurts regularly, even in the morning after waking up;
pain is localized in a specific area;
as a result of migraine attacks, problems arise with vision, hearing.

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