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Why is folic acid needed for pregnant women?

There are a great many vitamins that the human body needs. An important element for health and development is folic acid (vitamin B9). It is she who is involved in metabolic processes, as well as in the production of red blood cells, in the work of the LCD tract and nervous system. In addition, B9 is actively involved in the functioning of the immune, vascular and cardiac systems. Folic acid is especially important during pregnancy, so you should not leave this substance unattended.

Why does a person need folic acid?

The human body must receive this vitamin in sufficient quantities. Many ignore him, believing that he does not play a significant role. In fact, folacin is vital for literally every person, because thanks to him:

– cell division is carried out;

– the processes of protein breakdown in the human body;

– normal hematopoiesis is normalized;

– the correct assimilation of amino acids and sugar is performed;

– the formation of atherosclerosis is prevented;

– the body is protected from various food-type poisoning;

– improves appetite.

In addition, this vitamin is extremely important in the formation of DNA, as well as RNA, involved in the spread of hereditary traits. When planning pregnancy, folic acid is necessary, so you need to study all the features of taking this substance so that a healthy, strong baby is born.

Folic acid during pregnancy. How is it useful?
B9 is a very important ingredient. It is assigned to every woman in position. The benefits of this vitamin are recognized by physicians and scientists around the world.

Any processes carried out with the participation of this component in the formation of the fetus, the formation of its organs, as well as the establishment of physical health, are carried out in the early stages of pregnancy. It should be used even when a woman does not even suspect that a new life was born under her heart.

Folic acid during pregnancy is necessary, first of all, because it is involved in the development of the baby at very early stages. For example, with the formation of a neural tube, which appears already on the 16th day after the conception. If at this point this substance will not be in sufficient quantities in the female body, then violations are possible that will worsen the development of the fetus.

In this regard, experts argue that folic acid during pregnancy should be consumed within 12 weeks after conception. But it is better if future parents make sure that the woman’s body contains the necessary volumes of an important component even before the conception of the child.

How much folic acid should be used when planning a pregnancy should be determined by the doctor, despite the fact that specific recommendations are in the instructions for vitamins.

In those cases, if a woman found out about a pregnancy later than the aforementioned period, one should not be upset. The neural tube may be subject to various changes during the first trimester, so by starting to take the drug at the prescribed dosage, important processes can be restored.

Folic acid during pregnancy. What threatens a lack of vitamin?
With a deficiency of vitamin B9, a pregnant woman may experience the following disorders;

– gestosis;

– spontaneous abortion;

– early detachment of the placenta;

– intrauterine death of the fetus;

– the birth of a premature baby.

It is worth noting that folic acid when planning pregnancy or before conception can be used not only in the form of pharmaceutical products, but also in a nutritious diet.
Products containing folic acid
Those types of food that contain folacin lose it if they are to be cooked hot. Of course, many products must be pre-cooked, but it is better to do it for a couple or bake in the oven. In this regard, it is wiser to use freshly prepared salads. The mentioned vitamin is found in a number of delicious foods:

– lettuce, spinach, parsley and onions;

– broccoli, Brussels sprouts, asparagus and green peas;

– flour (exclusively coarse grinding);

– carrots, a wide variety of citrus fruits and soy.

Also, this vitamin can be found in bananas, beans, melon, pumpkin, fresh cheese or cottage cheese, eggs, liver and many other products, including meat.

In what quantities and how to take?
If the woman is absolutely healthy, then the daily norm of vitamin B9 should be 200 mcg. How much should be taken during planning and during pregnancy, should say the doctor whose woman is being examined. The fact is that only he will be able to take into account all the features of the body, and assign the best option in each case.

Mentioned acid is offered in the form of additives, and is also included in the composition of multivitamin complexes, and the amount of use of this product may vary significantly.

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