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Pelvic Presentation: Flipping Techniques

My name is Anna Batrak, I am a perinatal psychologist, an experienced instructor in exercise therapy for pregnant women with a patent for changing the position of the fetus in the uterus. I would like to cover such a topic as the pelvic presentation of the fetus and methods of inverting it.

Presentation of the fetus is the position of the baby in the womb of the mother. Usually it is examined at 32-33 weeks of gestation. Prior to this period, with incorrect presentation of the fetus, the tactics of expectant observation are used in the expectation that the fetus itself will take the desired position. However, after 33 weeks, the probability of a flip to the correct position becomes lower with each week. In order to help the baby to take the right position, you can use special exercises from corrective gymnastics.

Fetal position correction
There are several techniques that can help correct the presentation of the fetus in the uterus.

Dikan Method
This method consists of special exercises that a pregnant woman can perform lying down. To do this, she just needs, lying on her side, turn first to the right, then to the left side. However, this method is not effective for women at 34-35 weeks of gestation. The fact is that at this time the baby inside reaches such a size that completely fills the entire space of the uterus. Now it is already difficult for him to make a turn upside down. In this case, more energetic exercises can help him.

Antenatal Gymnastics
Antenatal gymnastics is closest to the previous method. It contains exercises and ultrasound to determine the position of the fetus and umbilical cord before and after gymnastics every day.

The exercises are 4 turns of 90 degrees from the “lying on your back” position with breaks of ten minutes. The choice of side on which to turn over depends on the path of the umbilical cord. It is necessary to make a turn in the opposite direction from the umbilical cord. This is necessary so that the fetus can free itself from it due to turns under the influence of its severity.

This method is effective only if the cause of the incorrect presentation of the baby in the womb is the entanglement of the umbilical cord around the neck. It is used to reduce the risks of threats to the condition of the fetus, birth complications, the risks of death of the mother and child.

Also, this method helps to translate the fetus into a head position. This result is achieved through regular exercises (every other day) in the form of sequential exercises – exercises and aqua fitness.

Activities in the water to flip the fetus
Water procedures improve the well-being of a woman during pregnancy. This is due to the fact that the feeling of heaviness changes in water. Therefore, a woman gets rid of the discomfort associated with pregnancy, namely because of excess weight and a shift in the center of gravity. During the procedures, the woman feels lightness all over her body, so she can perform many exercises without undue stress.
However, the whole complex of corrective exercises should be performed strictly on the recommendation of a doctor, as well as under the supervision of a professional instructor for pregnant women. Also for water exercises, there are a number of contraindications that you need to know about:

cord entanglement in impaired blood flow;
threatened abortion;
water shortage;
low placenta previa;
fetal hypoxia.
Exercises in water are loads on the abdominal press, as well as on the muscles of the pelvic floor and perineum. They use special belts for water aerobics. They help reduce the chances of premature birth.

Also, for a comfortable stay in the pregnant pool, you should have special glasses, a hat, as well as a nose clip. This will ensure a comfortable immersion in water when performing quick exercises.

Gymnastics in the water increases the movement of amniotic fluid, which is why the baby in the womb becomes more active. Water gymnastics also irritates uterine receptors, especially from side to side upheavals. From this, its tone changes and entails a change in the position of the fetus. And the abdominal muscles, including the ligaments with the uterus, contract.

When the legs are bent at the knees and in the pelvis, the length of the uterus is reduced, and this, in turn, creates all the conditions for the baby’s head to move to the right place.

All exercises for the correction of incorrect presentation of the fetus should be prescribed by a doctor who will confirm the diagnosis using ultrasound or dopplerometry. And only then the pregnant woman can independently attend classes in corrective gymnastics, but only under the supervision of a certified instructor and taking into account all the recommendations of the doctor.

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