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Created material that excludes tissue rejection during transplantation
Scientists from Russia and the United States have proposed new material for regenerative medicine. The compounds in the composition of this material literally “turn off” the work of enzymes that…

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What we are treated with: Diagen
How manufacturers try to zombie retirees with promises based on the action of bear bile and fungus, zombie ants, why medical research institutes do not recognize “innovative development” and whether…

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Obesity in a child: causes, symptoms, treatment
Whether your child is obese or overweight is visually difficult to figure out. If the problem is already visible to the eye, then this indicates a significant increase in body…

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Magnetic nanomaterials proposed to be used in the fight against liver fibrosis

In an article published in the journal Cells, scientists from the Baltic Federal University named after I. Kant, together with colleagues from NUST “MISiS” and the Rhine-Westphalian Technical University of Aachen compared various methods of treating liver fibrosis. This disease is accompanied by the replacement of normal liver tissue with connective (scar), not able to perform the function of the affected organ. According to scientists, the use of magnetic nanomaterials in the treatment of liver diseases can be a fundamentally new approach without the disadvantages inherent in classical methods. Continue reading

What we are being treated for: vaccines against the 60-pointed death star

Why rotavirus infection victims die, why the genome of its pathogen looks completely insane for a molecular biologist, can you get vaccinated against rotavirus, if you are an adult, which vaccine is the best and safest and if Russia should be vaccinated nationwide – read the new issue of the rubric “What they treat us with.”
Intestinal but not flu

Rotavirus infection is often called “intestinal flu.” Although this name has nothing to do with the systematics of the viruses that cause it, it describes the symptoms well: fever, muscle and joint pain (like the flu) come along with symptoms from the gastrointestinal tract (nausea and diarrhea). Before the age of five, almost everyone has time to get sick at least once. Continue reading

Platelet scattering will help in the treatment of cardiovascular disease

Scientists from the I. Kant Baltic Federal University using Raman spectroscopy examined the platelets of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases and compared them with the spectra of healthy people’s cells. Researchers identified informative spectral regions and showed the promise of studying human platelets using Raman spectroscopy to diagnose diseases associated with changes in the activity of these cells and predict the effectiveness of antithrombotic therapy.

The study was supported by a grant from the Russian Science Foundation. The results are presented at several conferences on optics and medicine: Optics in Health Care and Biomedical Optics IX, October 20–23, 2019, Hangzhou, China and the 6th Annual European Congress on Clinical and Translational Medicine. October 18-20, 2019 Vienna, Austria, and also published in the SPIE Digital Library and the European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine. Continue reading

What we are treated with: Diagen

How manufacturers try to zombie retirees with promises based on the action of bear bile and fungus, zombie ants, why medical research institutes do not recognize “innovative development” and whether free medicine can harm patients, we tell in a new article in the section “How we are treated”.
Advertisements about miracle drugs are often distributed among older people – some send it to the post office, others find information on the Internet, and others find out about advertising from friends and relatives. A vivid example is the diabetes drug Diagen, which, according to the manufacturer, is also distributed free of charge “under the state program”. Continue reading

Some DNA reading methods skip whole pages

Re-testing of genetic tests from the three largest laboratories in the United States has shown that full-exom sequencing (reading only protein-coding genes) can miss large DNA fragments. Because of this, clinicians can leave up to half of patients without a correct diagnosis, whether it is cancer or epilepsy, the researchers said on the pages of Clinical Chemistry.

Today, medicine is turning to genetic tests more and more often: for example, they help to rule out a diagnosis in children, learn about the risk of developing diseases, or how to change their lifestyle so that they suffer less from their symptoms. Scientists from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center rechecked genetic tests in 36 patients from national American laboratories for 2012-2016 and found that they analyzed only 36%, 66% and 69% of genes. Continue reading

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Progesterone. The norm of the hormone in women, what to do with a reduced rate?
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What blood type will the child have? Define correctly
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Decoding of the general blood test and norm in adults. Reasons for deviations
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Female pelvis. Problems to be Solved
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